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A Day in the Life of Cheeto

While your lazy-ass dog is probably snoozing at 5:00 AM, Cheeto has already started his day. Living on the west coast can be difficult for a 'wolf of wallstreet' type such as Cheeto due to timezone differences, but he makes it work.

Rise and Grind Direct Quote, Cheeto.

Cheeto grinding out the next million dollar investment idea.

Last year alone, Cheeto raked in over $3 Billion in revenue trading publicly on the stock market. As mentioned before, Cheeto exemplifies all the qualities of a 'wolf of wallstreet' type-person, but did you know that the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio was actually based on him? That is a true fact. Using strategic research Cheeto was able to get in on the ground floor of some of today's most succesful corporations. He was a key investor in Uber,, Apple, Tesla, and not to mention escherTalks, Forbes ranked #1 fastest growing social media.

Cheeto's life isn't all about the numbers though, he's a man who can appreciate a little alone time. And while his stamina may not be too impressive, Cheeto still enjoys long walks on open beaches and local trails.

Cheeto, a man of the woods.

Cheeto lives a luxurious and simultaniously private lifestyle. He does not like to share his vast wealth with his owners, which has sparked some internal conflict in recent years. You can't find him on any social media except for LinkedIn and

So there you have it, what it's like to be Cheeto, business mogul extraordinaire.

By Violet Wright-Dykhouse