FTC Team 7776 Loose Screws

Wilson High School's #1 Robotics Team!!

Team 7776 is at states this year! Catch us at Liberty High School in Hillsboro on March 9th and 10th! Here's the hoping we get to worlds!!

The team at qualifiers after winning the Think Award
Years of Experience Name Team Role
Taylor Builder, Scouter, Cheerleader
1 Rij Builder, Man of Many Questions
Rachel Notebook, Builder, Dictator, Bad Cop
1 Will Builder, Designer, Professional Procrastinator
1 Jack 1st half of Jasher, Builder, Photoshop Legend
2 Ori Builder, Coder, Father of the Robot
2 Scott Notebook, Coder, Pun Master Extraordinaire
1 Asher 2nd half of Jasher, Builder, Taylor Jr.
Rispa Captain, Good Cop
1 Escher CAD Master, CEO of escherTalks

Our team used CAD (Computer Assisted Design) in Fusion360 and Inventor to model our robot and design new parts. Escher and Ori ran all of the CAD this year, but we're hoping to teach everyone next season!

Our robot enjoys good books and long walks on the beach.

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See that green thing? Thats a custom-made 3D-printed latching mechanism.

Our design notebook is one of the most important aspects of our team. It details every practice, outreach event, and addition to the robot that occurred over the season. Our notebook even won us the Think Award at qualifiers!

View the Notebook

Make sure to check out the memes section at the end of the notebook too!

 Watch our new robot reveal! 

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